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Can Font, a special place to celebrate

If you wish to celebrate your wedding, Can Font will attend to your suggestions and make several
proposals so that you may enjoy a perfect day in the company of your loved ones.


For the enjoyment of your wedding at Can Font you will have at your disposal access to private banquet halls with the capacity to hold between 15 to 350 people. The small rooms located in the Masia are the Crypta and the Bodega which have been carefully and elegantly decorated with themes to suit each of these rooms.

The Salon, El Dorado and La Carpa on the other hand, are the three larger spaces where the newly wedded can celebrate. The three rooms are fully equipped with heating and air conditioning, as well as with a complete audio sound system to enjoy all the comforts of a living room in the middle of the garden. It is designed to make you feel at home, to enjoy your private party throughout day.

The Salon

El Dorado

La Carpa



The main asset of Can Font is its cuisine. We offer you an extensive menu with the best gastronomic selection the market has to offer so you can choose among several menus specially made for wedding banquets. You will enjoy all the flavors of the mediterranean with touches of the most avant-garde cuisine. The kitchen facilities are equipped with the latest technological advances allowing us to perform very elaborate dishes with modern and exquisite presentations.

Some of the specialties that are prepared at the stoves of Can Font are wild fish, local meats and the best produce the season has to offer to allow for all the intensity of the flavors of the earth to come through. You will have the choice among several menus specially designed for wedding receptions. All these gastronomic suggestions have been mindfully designed for a beneficial and well balanced diet resulting in a delicious and healthy menu.

Wedding menus

Can Font menu all included 2017

Wedding menus at Cant Font

A special occasion like your wedding deserves special menus like the ones we offer at Can Font. You will be able to enjoy our traditional and original cuisine prepared by chef owner Josep Vidal. The products that are included in our menus for weddings are of the highest quality; from wild fish to the local meats, as well as seasonal produce. We
develop our menus using the most updated technology and contemporary methods, but always using traditional recipes and the purest of flavors. We offer 5 menus for weddings with different prices and choices. We adapt to your preferences and needs so you can decide which menu will be best suited for you.

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If you want to host a party for your guests that is one of quality, uniqueness and with all the comfort they deserve,
don’t hesitate to trust us in making such an occasion a special one.